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Health Class

Often, curriculum in health classes is hotly debated because of how they approach sex.  Do they teach safe sex? Do they teach abstinence?  Do they hand out condoms?  Will girls be scared forever because they think a penis looks like a banana?

However, I can’t help but wish that I could be part of a planning team writing curriculum for health classes across the country.  And I wouldn’t really care about the sex part.  I would want to talk to them about puberty.  I think that there are a lot better ways to prepare girls for how they are about to change emotionally, physically, and even mentally.  What is and is not a part of their identity.  If health classes weren’t so awkward, and taught girls how to be comfortable with their bodies, maybe it would help.

If you were in charge of the curriculum that would teach young women about puberty, what would your approach be?